There’s no minimum investment needed for financial planning work

We won’t ask you for asset management, or for a minimum asset level, to work with us on financial planning services.

Full Financial Plan

The core of a good financial plan is a complete understanding of your financial picture. And, a coherent plan to help you meet your aspirations. Personalized plans review in detail all key areas of financial planning. Cash management and risk management. Taxation, financial independence, investments, and estate planning. The result is a plan made exclusively for you.

Financial Review

You can also ask us to look at only two or three issues. In a Financial Review, we look at whether you’re saving enough, if you have the right resources for retirement, any spending issues, and whether your investment strategy is right for you. This work is quite a bit smaller in scope than a full financial plan.

Hourly  Consultation

For a very limited look at a one or two issue situation, we also offer hourly planning.  We require a minimum of three hours at our current hourly rate.

Investment Management

We offer Investment Management together with an annual financial planning retainer, not as a stand-alone service.

I can analyze and re-build an existing portfolio, or help you to invest from scratch. I use a combination of open and closed end mutual funds, individual bonds, ETFs, and other investment options.

The key to your portfolio design is your particular set of financial goals or aspirations. Portfolios are designed to meet these aspirations through the use of asset allocation that gives you the best possible return for the amount of risk you can accept. Your portfolio is succeeding when you find you’re meeting your aspirations.

It’s my job to help you meet your goals, not to create maximum returns. And these returns are achieved through thoughtful and timely rebalancing, rather than chasing after trading profits.

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