Financial planning helps set the stage for living an extraordinary life. The process gathers information about your life, not just your money. The result is a clearer picture of you — right now. And, offers great ideas about where you can go. Some tangible benefits you’ll have in hand:

  • A financial plan – Your road map for steps to be taken over the next five years. Includes “to do” lists, illustrations, and important background information.  You can get a written plan, or (even better) access your plan "live" on your own private client Web site.
  • Professional referrals – You’ll have a list of estate planning attorneys, accountants, and insurance experts to consult if or when you need other specialists.
  • Investment Policy Statement – This is a written plan that precisely specifies how we structure your investments and, what we expect for the long run. That helps us make good investment decisions, even when times are difficult.
  • Quarterly Portfolio Reports – You’ll get clear and understandable data, and we won’t overload you. You’ll be able to evaluate your progress over time and in the right context - your investment policy - rather than from the monthly ups and downs on your brokerage statements.
  • Annual reviews – We’ll refresh your data each year with what “really happened” so we can keep your plan on track, year after year. That means we can catch problems before they become trouble.
  • Meetings, telephone, and email support – You’ll have personal contact with your advisor — me — on a regular basis. Questions will inevitably come up as your plan and your life unfold. I’ll be there with answers.
  • Administrative support – Our client services administrator is experienced, and a true professional. She’s here to make things run smoothly — account openings, account transfers, cash management needs, appointments, and paperwork.