Focused Finances, LLC

Focused Finances, LLC


I believe that smart financial planning can be life-changing. It’s a proven way to create an extraordinary career and personal life.

Like any relationship, ours will work best if we commit to it. For my part, I will act as your fiduciary — treating your money with the same care, prudence, and confidentiality that I treat my own.

And I ask that you be willing to grow, learn and take action. And to be honest and forthcoming with me about your personal and professional goals and your current financial situation. The quality of my advice depends on that.

Most of my clients are individuals and families. I work best with people who:

  • Have an open mind, are willing to brainstorm creatively and are willing to talk about their values, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. 
  • Are open to doing things differently to get closer to what they want.
  • Understand I don't have all the answers, and that financial planning is a little bit like life — not an exact science.
  • Want to be a careful and aware consumer.
  • Have realistic investment goals and tell me what those are, clearly.
  • Are willing to accept returns offered by the market. And, who recognize there’s no foolproof way to "beat the market" and generate above-average returns.
  • Trust me and my advice enough to ignore all forms of "financial pornography" like financial programs on cable, most consumer financial publications, and well-meaning relatives and friends.
  • Recognize that you can reach big goals by making small changes over time.
  • Allow me to be their financial advocate on an ongoing basis.

Whatever plan we develop for you, I look forward to a long, working relationship with you based on mutual trust.

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