Fee-Only Financial Planning for a Life that Works

If you're like most people, you believe that you have to work hard for your money. However, the truth is that money is also there to work hard for you.

I help my clients learn that money is here to support and serve them. The process helps you gain what I call "financial confidence."

You’re smart, educated, aware, and savvy. And sure, you could do your own financial plan. Maybe even manage your investments. But is this the best use of your smarts and your time?

Yes, you want it done well. But, it turns out, you don’t want to do it yourself. You appreciate real expertise, but in financial matters, you don’t want to be the expert. You don’t have more money than you know what to do with, but you want to know what to do with what you have.

Understanding what you want to accomplish can be hard to figure out on your own. I believe it's more enlightening to explore your aspirations with a knowledgeable partner. Someone that will help you think creatively about where you want to go.

I'd like to be your financial planning partner. I'll take you seriously, but with a relaxed approach. I'll collaborate with you, rather than issuing you a predesigned set of recommendations. I'll work to understand what's really important to you. And, help keep you focused on real goals—with absolute clarity about what matters.

Our Services & Benefits 

Our intention is to provide just the right financial planning for you, and to build a satisfying long term relationship with you.  We offer multiple options for financial planning and investment management services, customized to your unique needs. And we can offer a level of ongoing advice that will be just right for you, too. Finally, we don't require asset management in order to provide financial planning services to you.

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Fiduciary & Fee-Only

Fiduciary care embodies the highest standard of excellence, and places the client's interest ahead of the advisor's at all times. Throughout history, fiduciaries have held a unique and important role in the investment profession.  We are proud to serve in a fiduciary capacity for you. We are compensated by client fees only. Our fees are fully disclosed to you and we do not accept any commissions or referral fees.

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Our Principles

  • We believe that financial planning is an ongoing, friendly, collaborative process
  • Communication is critical
  • A systematic approach is efficient and effective
  • A disciplined investment process is best - no hunches or market timing
  • We are here to help you live with financial confidence!
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